Terms of Service

The following information are the Terms and Conditions that you must abide to while accessing this website. If you do not agree with any of the following terms, please refrain from visiting this website in the future. Any violation of the following items will result in immediate action taken against the involved parties.

Violations of the below terms can be as simplistic as a warning, up to and including having your account permanently banned.

Horse Frenzy (HF, website, site) is an online horse simulation game. All content within the game is strictly virtual. No real horses, barns, stables, items or money exist in real life. Any similarities between real animals or people, living or dead, in the game are strictly coincidence.

Age Requirement

Horse Frenzy is intended for players 13 years of age or older. Players under this age require their parent or gaurdian's permission prior to registering and playing the game. Please e-mail [email protected], including your child's account ID # to grant approval. HF is not held responsible for users under the age of 13 who join without their parent's permission.


Horse Frenzy collects and stores your IP address and e-mail for legal purposes. This information remains confidential and will not be disclosed to any third-parties. We reserve the right to share both your IP address and e-mail address in the event we are required to by law.


We reserve the right to change, close or restrict access to any part of the site at any given time for any reason. These reasons include, but are not limited to: patching site bugs, updating the layout, updating artwork, server maintenance or even permanent closer with or without any explanation given. Refunds will not be given to users who have paid real-life money for in-game items in the event the site is inaccesible.


Any use of scripts/programs to play, cheat, scam or otherwise give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to players is prohibited and will result in account termination and IP banishment.

Player Conduct

Horse Frenzy users may not:
  • Flame, harass, degrade, insult or purposely offend other users in any way.

Copyright Clause

Horse Frenzy's images, text and content is copyrighted to HF and the original artists. Horse Frenzy users may not alter, sell, reproduce, link to, distribute or claim any work that is not originally their own without first obtaining written permission from the creator of the work themselves. Copyrighted characters or materials are not tolerated and cannot be used in any way. This includes (but is not limited to) content from cartoons, movies, books, games, websites and comics. HF is not held responsible for any content a user uploads, distributes, or links to in any way. We will, however, assist in legal action against individuals involved by handing over IP and e-mail addresses to the copyright holder so further action can be taken. Individuals involved in theft will have their accounts terminated and their IP banned with or without notice.

Bug Reporting

Horse Frenzy is currently in Beta Testing, meaning it is not entirely bug free at this time. Any bugs found must be reported to the administrators immediately by e-mail [email protected] or posting a thread on the "Report a Bug" board located in the forums. The intentional exploition of any known bug will result in potential warnings, fines or account termination.

Horse Frenzy reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions at any time without any notice or given reason. If you do not agree with the above terms, please discontinue accessing HorseFrenzy.com. Violation of the Terms and Conditions will be delt with as stated above. Horse Frenzy will not be held responsible for the actions of it's players, however we will take action against them should any of these terms be violated.

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